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We are conveniently located in the West End near Libbie Park and St. Mary's Hospital.

Massage Works owner, Maria Brockel, specializes in healthcare and wellness oriented massage.  She brings nearly 15 years experience to the table along with a unique blend of specialties including Active Release Technique®, Thai, and Barefoot as well as traditional therapies such as Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports massage to customize your care.

Maria Brockel is State Certified.  She’s been practicing massage since 2002 and started her own business in 2005, naming it Massage Works in 2010.  She previously served as a massage educator at the University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies and ECPI University Medical Careers Institute School of Health Science.

She is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  In summer 2013, Maria volunteered providing massages through ECPI University at Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Camp. 

Maria is certified in Basic and Intermediate Thai Massage and Barefoot Massage. She is skillfully trained in Active Release Technique, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Pregnancy Massage.  She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2000 and American Institute of Massage in 2002.

Expect individualized, quality care from beginning to end with every visit to Massage Works.

5700 West Grace Street Suite 102 Richmond, VA 23226

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massage services



Your basic full body relaxation massage.  Your therapist usually uses long, slow strokes of light to medium pressure.  She may incorporate aromatherapy or heat to assist with the relaxation response.


Founded in Northern Thailand thousands of years ago.  Performed on a mat on the floor while the client is fully dressed, Thai massage is a compilation of compression and passive yoga poses.  Thai massage focuses on increasing flexibility and joint mobility.




Deep Tissue

Focuses on specific areas that have suffered from a trauma or are causing discomfort and pain.  The therapist will work all the muscles (superficial and deep) to give you tension and pain relief.  She may incorporate trigger point release, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, stretching and/or analgesics or ice/heat to assist in muscle re-education and release.



While the client lies on a massage table, the therapist grasps custom-made bars suspended above the table and applies pressure to the body while she uses her feet in smooth,  flowing strokes or sustained deep pressure. The broadness of the therapists' feet and the force of gravity allows pressure to be dispersed throughout the tissues on the back side of the body.




Active Release Technique®

ART is a patented state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.  Clients are clothed and perform active range of motion while the therapist presses and holds muscle insertions to isolate the muscle and increase the movement of it.

Sports Massage

Sports massage can increase the athletic career by up to 20% studies have shown. Whether it's pre-event, post event, during training or rehabilitative after an injury, massage has proven to decrease delayed onset muscle soreness, decrease recovery time between event and training, and decrease muscle spasms and cramps.




massage pricing

Massage Works offers local competitive pricing for services rendered.  Payment is due at time of service.  We kindly accept all major credit cards through Square.  Series packages are available and expire one year from purchase date.  Additional fees required for traveling off site.


$45 - 30 minute massage

Thirty minutes allows the practitioner to work on one or two specific areas or to complete a half body (upper or lower body or frontside or backside) Swedish massage.


$75 - 60 minute massage

Sixty minutes allows the practitioner to complete a full body Swedish massage or three or four specific areas.  Session may include stretching as well as one or two other techniques or tools the therapist feels necessary to help release muscle tension.

Additional $15 charge for each travel session.


$105 - 90 minute massage

Our ninety minute massage has been described as test-driving a car with all the bells and whistles when looking to purchase a new vehicle.  Once a client experiences a massage for an hour and a half, they rarely return to the 60 minute massage.  90 minutes allows the practitioner to utilize all trained techniques or tools the therapist feels necessary to help release muscle tension or fulfill deep relaxation.

Additional $15 charge for each travel session.



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